Unconventional Photo Studio

Do you know what is the worst part of having an Etsy store? For me, it's taking great photos. There have been days where I spent the whole day trying to get a few decent shots to post in my shop. Incandescent bulbs, shade, fluorescent lights, I've tried them all and it wasn't until I set up my equipment in the greenhouse that I was able to get good photos consistently.

Does it look cold out there? Yesterday the temperature was in the high twenties, but with the sun shining, it was very pleasant---spring-like I'd say.

Kind of messy looking inside isn't it? I suppose I should have straightened it up a bit before I took the photo!
Here's a photo of my setup, using household items for staging my products. I bought a bed sheet for two bucks from Goodwill to drape over a cardboard box. Sometimes I use knickknacks in my photos just because I get tired of the plain white background that most people use in their Etsy photos. I use the tan bed sheet that's hanging from the ceiling to block the sun when it's shining, but I take the best photos on cloudy days.

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