Designing a hat

I'm trying to design a child's reindeer hat. I didn't think it would be so time consuming trying to get it to look the way I want and then translate it into a pattern that other people will understand. And then, after you have all if it figured out, you have to write it up in multiple sizes.

I think it's looking pretty cute right now. I had to remake the antlers three times before I was able to get them to work. The first antler I attached was too long and heavy and wouldn't stand up straight, this one is a little shorter. It isn't attached to the hat yet, but I think it will stand up better after I put a little fiberfill inside. I still have to figure out what I want the eyes to look like. Some people use buttons, but I hesitate to use them on a child's hat because of the choking hazard.

Do you know that female reindeer have antlers, too? That should give you a hint that I after I get this one finished, I'm going to make a little girl version--probably in pink.

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