Butcher, Baker Candlestick Maker

When you start a business much of the work has to be done in-house in order to save on costs. One of those things that I do myself is product photography. As much as I would like someone else to do it for me, it would be too expensive.

I've tried taking photos of my hats in different settings, in the garden, on models, by a professional photographer, but sometimes it doesn't work out the way I'd like it to. So, I've been trying to just take a photo in the studio with a white background. I've had issues with that as well, but I thought if I had a hat form of some sort, my photos would look better.

  After shopping around at Walmart and other department stores, the only thing I could find was a small bowl, but it wasn't tall enough for the hat to fit on it correctly.

So I decided to make my own.
Luckily I found a bag of Celluclay I had stored in my basement for past 15 years.

I poured it into a small tub and mixed it with water

Then I put a piece of plastic wrap inside the bowl and started pressing the mixture into the bottom of the bowl.

After I had it packed into the bowl, I took it out and added some height to it.

The directions say that you can let it air dry or put in the oven at a low temperature--so in the oven it goes. I'm not sure how long it takes to dry but I'll be posting about it when it's finished.

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